Cal has three rugby brothers


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Jim, Neil, and Danny Barrett grew up in Pacifica and all played rugby at Sacred Heart Cathedral in San Francisco. It's rare when three brothers end up playing the same sport, at the same time, at the college level.

"We wanted them all individually and it just worked out that we got all three," said Cal rugby head coach Jack Clark.

Jim's the oldest, with Neil in the middle, and Danny the youngest. So who's the knucklehead in the family?

"The youngest one, Danny, definitely," says Jim.

"Danny, who's the brightest in the group?" asks ABC7's Mike Shumann.
"Academically, I'll go with Neil. Wisdom-wise...Jim," said Danny.

Being the middle child is sometimes the toughest, but for these brothers, Neil had a different take.

"Jim stayed out of trouble pretty much. Danny got in a lot of trouble, so I got it pretty easy," said Neil.

All brothers fight as kids and Danny took the most beat-downs, but as a result, may be the best athlete.

"I guess you could say we created his athleticism," said Jim.

Their parents couldn't be more proud and made it to every single game this year, including ones in Canada and Florida. The boys said their father has nearly every piece of Cal gear they sell.

The Barrett boys are rarely in a game at the same time, but they hope to extend their time together at Cal with a win over Army Friday night.

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