Create fun Bay to Breakers costumes



Alien creature headdress:
Using a standard baseball cap first cut off the bill. Thread pipe cleaners through the vent holes of the cap, leaving just enough on the inside to bend as a support. Hot glue scraps of fabric over the pipe cleaners and the vent holes on the inside to prevent the ends from scratching scalp. Then starting at the bottom of cap, hot glue pom-poms of various size and color. Be as creative as you like, just be sure to cover all exposed parts of the cap. Finish off with plastic googlie eyes and let the fun begin.

Super Dad T-shirt:
Using a piece of card stock, draw out desired logo. Next cut out the shape, remembering to cut out the inside parts too. Use this cardstock cut out as a template to cut out your fabric. Following the instruction on your sticky back adhesive, iron on the backing to the logo. If using a two-color logo, adhere to the second fabric. Set the adhesive with the iron. Next, peel of the backing and place on your T-shirt. Set the logo in place with an iron, following temperature setting on the sticky back adhesive packaging. Let the logo cool down and you are ready to save the world!

Mother Nature dress:
Choose an appropriate sundress that lends itself to the theme. Collect as many silk flowers and plants as you can. Hot glue the flowers and leaves all over the dress. It is best to put a towel between the layers of the dress to avoid hot gluing it together. Let the glue cool down. Voila! Mother Nature never looked so good. Faux butterflies and birds can be added to complete the look.

Upcycle Robot:
Let imagination be your guide! Collect all sorts of discarded cooking utensils. You can eve hot glue them to create layers of dimension. Carefully drill holes where needed in the items. Using multi colored zip ties to attach the pieces together. See, being green and saving the planet can be fun!

Fairy wings:
Get two wire hangers. You might like to buy the type of coated hangers. These hangers are easier on the fingers when you bend them. Or, you can obtain them for free from your local dry cleaners, as they often recycle the hangers or even try to throw them away. Start with one hanger. Cut the hook off down to the point where the wire spiral starts. Then bend the spiral part on one hanger to the right and on the other hanger to the left. Take the two twisted parts and overlap them. Wrap them tightly with yarn. Bend the hangers into your desired wing shape.

Take 2 knee high socks. You can get them at pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores. Stretch one over each wing. Pull it tight to the center and then twist the entire set of wings as you hold the end of the nylon. Usually you can then hook it on one of the ends of the wire hanging out. Otherwise, just twist them and hold the ends of the nylons to the center until all wings are tight. Wrap them once again in the middle to hold the knee-highs tight on the wings.

Spray paint the edges of the wings before painting them. You can use acrylic paints and glitter to top off the wings.

You can use satin ribbon that matches the wings, to make armband. Simply take two lengths of ribbon and tie them at the center of the wings, leaving very long tails. Use the tails to tie the ribbon around your arms.

Southwest Airlines Costume Contest:
The Southwest Airlines Costume Contest will take place on Sunday at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Experience the "Fly By" photo shoot in your wackiest and fun-loving outfit and keep in mind the following costume categories: Best California-themed, Best Green themed, Best Creative, Best Current Event costume, and everything in between. Each individual winner, whether solo or centipede, will receive 2RT tickets to any Southwest Airlines destination!

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