Sara Jane Moore unmasked

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When ABC7 interviewed her in April, Moore was trying to remain anonymous in her new life and ABC7 agreed not to show her face. But Thursday, Moore decided to come out on a morning network news show and says it is OK for ABC7 to now show her face as well.

In our interview with her last month, Moore spoke candidly about that day 34 years ago and about her new life of freedom.

ABC7: "So you were intent on assassinating the president?"

Moore: "Yes."

ABC7: "No questions?"

Moore: "No questions.

ABC7: "No hesitation?"

Moore: "No hesitation."

ABC7: "Why?"

Moore: "We thought that doing that would actually trigger a new revolution."

September 22, 1975. The day Moore tried to kill President Ford. She fired a single shot as he left the St. Francis Hotel. The bullet missed his head by several feet.

Moore says she felt like she was in a trance.

Moore: "I think I was just almost on automatic control, almost [like] somebody has written the script I am now following."

ABC7: "So he simply represented the system at the time?"

Moore: "That's right. That was who the thing was against. I didn't think of him as an individual or as a human being."

Moore says she felt remorse as she sat in her jail cell.

Moore: "I was almost in the beginning happy I had not succeeded. I don't know what I would have been like if I had succeeded."

Moore spent more than three decades in federal prison in Dublin in Alameda County. She was paroled New Year's Day 2008, a year after President Ford died.

ABC7: "How would you describe your emotions when you heard 'I'm going to be out of here?'"

Moore: "I jumped up out of the chair. I screamed and everybody came running and I said you know, 'I got a date, I got a date. I've got a date.'"

Moore is now 80 years old and lives in a small town in the East Coast. She goes by another name. Her life may have changed, but September 22, 1975 will always haunt her.

Moore: "I view that as a really terrible mistake. If I could go back and undo it would I? Of course."

Moore still does not want us to reveal where she lives. But we can tell you that she loves her little town and she loved her anonymity. However, that may all change now that she has come out. There may also be a book down the road.

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