Couple claims they were racially profiled

July 31, 2009 12:24:16 PM PDT
An Oakland couple is now calling for three police officers to lose their jobs after they say they were racially profiled by Albany police during a traffic stop. The stop ended with the couple being arrested and the man being tasered in front of their children.

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Michael and Stephanie Williams say Michael did forget to turn on his car lights back in June. The couple and their supporters plan to demonstrate outside the Albany city council meeting next Wednesday.

They say an Albany police officer behaved in an overly aggressive, demeaning manner toward him and his family.

"He had this look on his face like he just hated me. I can't describe it. It was a devilish look. I instantly got scared," said Michael Williams.

"I think if we represented the 96 percent of Albany residents which are white, I don't think it would have escalated the way that it did. I think that he would have taken a different approach," said Stephanie Williams.

Albany's police chief says "a complete and thorough investigation of the matter is underway."

A police report accuses Williams of refusing to give his name or get out of the car and of physically struggling with police. Michael Williams still faces charges of resisting arrest.

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