Yoga for gardeners

The top 5 essential yoga postures for gardening:

  1. "Picking low vegetables or weeds pose": hinge from the hips, brace with one arm, outstretched reach with the other

  2. "Downward facing and upward facing dog pose" with garden wall or other low surface,. instead of hands on ground.

  3. "Seated spinal flex": cat pose sitting instead of on hands and knees, segueing nicely into seated forward bend/spinal hang

  4. "Clasped hands Arm stretch behind" standing locust pose, leading to forward bend from the hips, arms up in the air behind.

  5. "Arm stretch overhead", hands on head, elbows bent out to side or hands clasped overhead, (or apart holding shovel or pitchfork!!), bend and twist to sides.
Remember, an ounce of preventing injuries is worth more than a ton of "cure" -- hours and dollars spent in the physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor's office, and side-lined from what you love!

About Gail Dubinsky:
Gail Dubinsky, M.D. received her medical degree in 1979. She has been in private practice since 1983, initially in general medicine and since 1988 specializing in non-surgical orthopedic medicine, combining "conventional" and "alternative" therapies for a truly "integrative" approach. A yoga practitioner since her teens and serious yoga student since 1984, she has taught general and adaptive/therapeutic yoga classes since 1990. Dr Dubinsky is the creator of 2 DVD programs, "R.S.I.? Rx:Yoga! and "Yoga for Gardeners"

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