The science behind a woman's intuition

What is Cellular Wisdom?
Cellular Wisdom is the preverbal wisdom carried by the energy infusing life into each one of our trillion cells, moment by moment. This wisdom directs the myriad functions and interactions of our cells. Living from our cellular wisdom in our larger lives, we become aware of the depth of authenticity informing our actions and interactions in and with the world outside of our "selves." We embody a new state of being. We come to realize the intimate connection between our cells and the integrated force that keeps them alive. It is here, in this point of connection where who we are speak to us.

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Buy the book on Amazon: Cellular Wisdom: Decoding the Body's Secret Language

Examples of intuition and their lessons

Intuition:"I know that my friend is in trouble, but not telling me"

- Joan, the scientist, Says: We process and synthesize more information than we are aware of on a conscious level. There is much we learn from subtle changes in a person's demeanor, facial expression, etc.

- Lesson: Learn to trust your intuition. You know more than you are aware of knowing. Reach out to your friend by being considerably more compassionate and considerate. This may create the safe environment they need to experience in order to share their pain or their shame.

Intuition: "I have just met someone for the first time and feel like I want to run away from them. They have not hurt me in any way, but I cannot wait to get away from them."

- Joan, the scientist, says: While our rational mind indicates there this no basis for this aversion, you are picking up something that is unpleasant. Our senses send information not only to the cortex where rational decision making occurs, but also to the emotional brain, the limbic system. Here information is processed in a different way. It results in an affective or emotional response that you may not yet know the basis of.

- Lesson: Honor the information received from the emotional brain until you gain additional information that may suggest your emotional response was in any way inaccurate.

Intuition: "I have a business decision to make. My rational mind does not have sufficient information to make a decision, as to whether to go with a certain collaboration or not. Yet, I feel so strongly that I should move in a direction that will cost me a lot of money."

- Joan, the scientist, says: There is no doubt that today we are bombarded by much information but often not with the information necessary to make a particular decision. However, you have the capacity to synthesize information from both conscious and preconscious levels in making decisions.

- Lesson: Take the first few steps in the direction that you feel strongly about. As you do this, you will gain sufficient information to determine if the basis of your feelings holds true as you process along this path.

Intuition: "I have made plans to fly to my high school reunion, but today I cannot seem to do what I have to do, pack etc. to go. My friends expect me."

- Joan, the scientist, says: When we anticipate a particular event, our preconscious, as well as our conscious information influences our feelings.

- Lesson: We know that our thoughts influence our feelings. However, preconscious impressions can also influence our feelings. Pay attention and learn how to discriminate your feelings more precisely.

About Dr. Joan King:
Dr. Joan C. King's latest book "Cellular Wisdom for Women" is a book/workbook that any woman can use to discover her true purpose in life and bring out her own unique greatness. Joan's work is based on scientific study. She was a neuroscientist and professor for three decades.

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