Search continues for Hasanni Campbell


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The latest point of interest has been the Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont. The area crews were searching was only about a half-mile from Hasanni's house, but far from the parking lot in Oakland where he is said to have disappeared on Monday. Crews searched the park from about 9 a.m. Saturday until 5 p.m. but they came up with nothing.

The volunteers spent most of the day searching through high brush at the park and marshlands in Hayward for any sign of the missing 5-year-old. Police say investigative leads led them to the search areas but they would not be any more specific.

"These weren't our most likely leads but now that we've pretty much saturated the area of disappearance, we're branching out to some of the less likely scenarios," said Oakland police Sgt. Raymond Backman.

Hasanni went missing Monday afternoon after his foster parent Louis Ross says he left the boy standing in an Oakland parking lot for just a few minutes. Since then, the police and FBI have searched Ross's home that he shares with Hasanni's aunt. Police have also spent hours questioning the couple.

On Saturday the family was not involved in the search.

"We are not actively soliciting their help they are dealing with enough right now so we're trying to limiting their involvement, particularly because the areas we're searching today, there's a lot of hazards," Backman explained.

The sight of search dogs surprised many who visited Coyote Hills Saturday afternoon.

"It's sad and shocking. I had no idea. I come to the park mostly once or twice a week for my walk. I just saw some activity and I was curious," said park visitor Gurjit Randhawa.

"We feel really sorry for that boy. It's really safe here," said Lizhen Wu.

With the days ticking by searchers know time is not on their side.

"The statistics show having a successful location of the victim without harm greatly diminishes. We're certainly acutely aware of that," Backman said.

Neigbors of Hasanni's step father say they have not seen anyone at the house in the last couple of days. Oakland police say it is back to the drawing board as far as where to begin searching next.

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