Spencer goes one-on-one with Oprah

On Thursday, Sept. 10, Oprah hosted a Season 24 kickoff party in the streets of Chicago, as a crowd of thousands joined her for a fun-filled, star-studded celebration, including a special appearance by three time Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

More information is available at www.oprah.com/party.

On Friday, Sept. 11, the "Oprah" show features exclusive interviews with the newsmakers who had people talking all summer long. Correspondent Lisa Ling returns to the "Oprah" show stage for the first time since she and her sister Laura were reunited, after Laura was set free following a 140-day detention in North Korea. ESPN's Erin Andrews speaks out for what she calls "the first and last time" about the peephole video filmed without her knowledge and circulated on the Internet. Finally, Father Alberto Cutie, often called "Father Oprah," opens up to Oprah about falling in love, falling out of favor with the Catholic Church and his new life with his wife and stepson.

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