Kitchen pantry makeover

Here are some alternative you should keep in your kitchen:

  • Trash Tuna Canned in Oil for Canned Salmon (more Omegas, Calcium and Vit D)

  • Trash Alfredo Sauce for Spicy Red Pepper Pasta Sauce (less fat)

  • Trash Potato Chips for Popchips (less fat and tastes just as good-better then baked!)

  • Trash Nutty Granola Bars for Kashi TLC bars (less fat more fiber)

  • Trash Energy Drinks for Green Tea (way less calories-more antioxidants and less expensive)

  • Trash bagged apple chips/banana chips for fresh fruit (less sugar and less expensive)

  • Trash high sodium high fat soups for low sodium low fat soups (less sodium and less fat)

  • Trash sugary cereals (Coco Puffs etc) for Kashi Hi Protein cereal (less sugar more fiber and nutrients)

  • Trash sugar flavored instant oatmeal individual packs for Kashi Vanilla High Protein instant oats (more protein which helps regulate blood sugar levels)

  • Trash sugar loaded granola for Barely Naked Granola (less fat, less sugar and more fiber)

  • Trash candied nuts for raw nuts (less calories and less sugar)

  • Trash pastries, cookies for Kashi cookies (less fat and more fiber…taste just as good!)

  • Trash white flour and buy whole wheat flour for baking (more fiber and nutrients-tastes just as good!)

  • Trash white bread for whole wheat or sourdough (regulates blood sugar levels and more fiber)

  • Trash cheesy crackers for Wheat Thins Fiber Selects (less fat more fiber)

  • Trash Movie Theater Butter microwave popcorn for 94% fat free mini microwave popcorn bags by Jollytime (less fat)

  • Trash fruity flavored gelatin for sugar free gelatin (same goes for pudding) (less calories/sugar)

  • Trash Poptarts for Fiber 1 toaster pastries (less sugar and more fiber)

  • Trash English Muffins for whole wheat light English Muffins (less calories and more fiber)

  • Trash regular bagels for Sara Lee Toaster Size 150 calorie bagels (appropriate serving size, more fiber, less calories)

  • Trash regular salad dressings for low cal, low fat salad dressings such as spray dressings (less fat)

  • Trash regular soy sauce for low sodium soy sauce or ponzu sauce
About Christine Avanti: Christine Avanti is a US Weekly diet reviewer and nutritionist whose past clients include: Samantha Harris, Guliana Rancic, Jeremy Piven, Steven Seagal, Jason Statham, and recently worked with Chelsea Handler. Her book is called, Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads.

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