New appliance could eliminate kitchen messes


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The DrawerVac was invented here in the United States but so far is relatively unknown around here. But in Germany, this thing is taking off.

When working in the kitchen even the most careful among us make a bit of a mess.

Whether cutting up bread, pouring cereal or preparing snacks, it's hard to keep crumbs from piling up. So no doubt you've done this: wipe the crumbs into your hands and of course some of them hit the floor.

Now, there is a two-step process that has been going on since the invention of kitchens and that's where this new appliance comes in.

"It is much easier cleanup, that's for sure. Even kids can do it because they aren't into sweeping up the floor and all that," said Jan Woycheshin.

John Ryan invented the DrawerVac. He says inspiration hit when he was talking to his wife on the phone while wiping crumbs off a counter top.

"I am sweeping the stuff into the trash compactor and I only have the one hand because I have the cell phone in my hand and I throw it in there she mentions vacuum at the same time I do that. It was like a revelation. I said, 'honey I have got to go,'" said Ryan.

The DrawerVac just hit the market in January and 4,000 were sold within the first three months.

Dan Silva installs the DrawerVac and says so far, so good.

"Before I put one in someone else's house i put on in my house. We use it, the ids use it, my wife uses it. Then we installed one here and Jan seems to really like it," said Silva.

Since the item is so new, we thought we would put it through its paces -- coffee grinds were made quick work of, potato chips are bigger and still the drawer did its job.

"I think it is helpful especially for those who have kids and that," said Woycheshin.

The central vacuum system costs about $200 if a stands alone, and another couple hundred for the vacuum unit.

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