Returning to work after being a full-time mom

Mom Corps tips on re-entering the workforce
If you're a mother re-entering the workforce, heed this advice and the following tips from Allison O'Kelly, CEO of MomCorps.

  1. Make a family decision. You need to have the support of those around you to be successful in getting back to work.

  2. Set yourself up for success. Get the help you need to be able to make this successful. Get childcare, get help around the house, and stop doing volunteer work that takes up your time so that you can fit work into your schedule.

  3. Get training. Figure out what you are missing. Computer skills that have changed in field since you left, new skills that you think are important to the job you are looking for.

  4. Update your resume. This is often your first impression. You need to update your resume to include community involvement as well as to address gaps.

  5. Update your wardrobe! Get an interview suit that is modern and fits. It is really important to look the part when you are interviewing.

  6. Be realistic. "If you can only work 30 hours a week, don't go to a company that doesn't have flexible opportunities. Maybe you'll have to look at different, more flexible companies," O'Kelly said.

  7. Re-enter the network world. Get yourself back out there doing networking, attending professional association meetings and talking to people.

  8. Practice interviewing. Ask friends to help you with practice questions and role-playing.

  9. Don't apologize for taking time off to be with your children. Give it the emphasis it needs and don't underplay it. You should be proud of it and stress the skills that make you the right person for the position. Apologizing can make you an unattractive job candidate; it's not the way for a mom to re-enter the workforce.

  10. Consider contracting. Instead of re-entering the workforce as a full-time employee, working on contract is an effective way to prove your skills and abilities and show you can get a job done, according to O'Kelly. It also goes on your resume as recent experience and could lead to permanent work.
About Lisa Tis, Franchise Relationship Manager for Mom Corps
Lisa brings to Mom Corps a unique breadth of business experience. She began her career in Marketing with The Bank Corporation of Georgia where she introduced community banks to the concepts of online banking and sales incentive programs. She then worked with Georgia-Pacific as a Pricing Analyst working with commodity printing paper. After receiving her MBA from Georgia State University, Lisa worked with Fry Consulting as a Market Research and Strategy Consultant. At Fry, she focused on helping small manufacturers survive the shift of manufacturing to Asia by finding alternative ways to utilize their current technology and workforce. In addition to her MBA, Lisa holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Mercer University Lisa started with Mom Corps in 2007 and currently serves as Mom Corps' Franchise Relationship Manager.

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