Discover your teenager's learning style

Tips for finding out your child's learning style:

  • Find out your teen's and your learning style by taking an online assessment.

  • When your pre-teen or teen is having difficulty in school, investigate where and why the problem exists. Sometimes parents jump to hire tutors when the problem is not about content but about the process of learning. Ask yourself: Is the teacher's style of teaching very different from the way my teen learns?

  • Any support services you hire should demonstrate that consideration for the child's learning style and differences is an important component in how they help the student.

  • Don't get stuck in your own way of helping your teen. For example, Even though you've always loved doing outlines or flashcards, if your teens says they don't work for him, listen. Think outside of the box? What hasn't been tried? If you run out of approaches, find someone else who has more tools up their sleeve. Often just changing an approach to better suit the student gives the stuck student a "way in" to the formerly incomprehensible assignment.

  • Engage your teen in the solutions. Have a heart to heart talk about your child's strengths, not just challenges. Use your teens interests to motivate their learning.

  • Some books by Howard Gardner to check out are: Multiple Intelligences: The Theory in Practice, A Reader, Frames Of Mind, and Five Minds For The Future.
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About Beth Samuelson:
Beth Samuelson is the founder and director of Student Organizational Services, an East Bay organization devoted to coaching teenagers in the fine art of study strategies and organizational skills to help improve their school performance. After receiving her Masters in Education from UC Berkeley and experiencing firsthand as a teacher students' struggles to succeed in the classroom, Beth went on to develop her unique study skills coaching program at SOS. A former advice columnist for Bay Area Parenting Teens Magazine, Beth is a sought after presenter and speaker, delivering workshops and seminars around the Bay Area and beyond for parents, students and teachers.

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