Rainstorm hits North Bay hard


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Rain fell to some degree over the area all morning. The water piled up at the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Exit off Highway 101 stalled out some cars, while others just rolled on by.

One of the hardest-hit areas in Marin County was San Anselmo, a city is known for its flooding. Residents saw only localized flooding on Tuesday, but Vanessa Cardenas is still glad she moved from the San Anselmo flood zone.

"I used to live down in the area that flooded last year, or a couple years ago, and I'm really glad now that we don't live there anymore because I don't have to worry about driving out of my driveway into a street that's been closed off," she said.

Pam Nath took the time to reflect during her morning drive from Nicasio to San Anselmo, about a 15-mile drive.

"Coming from home at this point in time, yeah, people they were pretty rough… They're driving crazy," she said.

Over at the creek that flows and sometimes overflows in downtown San Anselmo, Vanessa Powell decided to conduct a test.

"I'm testing out my new rain gear. I thought what better day than today for that," she said, excited that it was working well. "I'm perfectly dry and I love it."

In addition to the rain, wind has been a big problem in Marin County as well, gusting mightily enough to knock down trees and power lines in San Anselmo, Mill Valley and Kentfield.

There was at least seven hours of steady downpour Tuesday morning and another burst of strong rain is possible in the afternoon.


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