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What's After the Pill for Men with ED?
For 25% or more of men afflicted with erectile dysfunction (ED), the common prescription therapies - Viagra, Levitra or Cialis - are not effective. This can occur in men with nerve damage from cancer or other surgery or in medical conditions (i.e. diabetes) that affect the nerves to the penis. For these men, other courses of action can be taken with their men's health physicians. Thousands of men and couples suffer in silence not knowing that there are other options, when in fact there are a variety of treatments available to restore sexual well-being.

When the pill does not work, here are some other options available by talking with a men's health expert:

Treat underlying disease - Although they are unusual causes of ED, medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated prolactin or low testosterone are important medical problems that requirement treatment. Often, by taking care of these illnesses, erections will improve, too.

Sexual health counseling - Counseling on sexual health matters (including techniques) may be all that is needed for men with occasional problems with erections, or for those with situational erectile dysfunction due to anxiety or stress. This therapy is usually short term and highly effective.

Penile salves, creams and pills - Available in many forms and strengths, and often compounded by various pharmacies, "local" therapy applied to the penis or the urethra (the urine tube within the penis) can be absorbed through membranes into the penis and can replace injections and other more invasive treatments for ED.

Penile injections - Although difficult to imagine, local therapy with penile injections is highly effective for the vast majority of men who fail to respond to oral agents for ED.

Penile vacuum pumps - By creating 6 atmospheres of negative suction around the penis with these devices, blood has little choice but to fill the penis in this mechanical approach to treating ED. A ring placed on the base of the penis keeps the blood in the penis while it is needed.

Surgical implants - Available for the last 30 years, surgical implants are the most invasive form of local therapy and are effective in virtually every man with ED. Implants can be rigid (and bendable), inflatable, antibiotic coated and can have various other convenient widgets and gadgets. They do require surgery, however, which distinguishes them from other less invasive treatments. They are also an irreversible treatment, in that they will permanently alter internal penis anatomy so that other treatments are rendered ineffective.

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