Couple gets help with pre-lit tree that didn't light up


Lonjina and Chuck Treat are putting together the Christmas tree they bought last year. The tree's big selling point was pre-strung lights, their old tree didn't have that.

"It took us a day and a half just to put the lights on it, we had 3,200 lights. It was just a really large ordeal and so we wanted to start simplifying our life, so I decided to get a pre-lit tree," said Lonjina.

It was a good plan, but it didn't simplify their lives.

The tree's lower third is perfect, but move up and the clear lights in the middle third don't work, and on the upper third none of the lights work.

They called the manufacturer and were given instructions to get all the lights working. They were told to reattach the lights, plugging them in again, but nothing worked.

With the tree decorated they eventually gave up and went back to the tried and true.

"And then got our old lights out and strung those around the tree, in place of the ones that wouldn't go on," said Chuck.

They were told replacement parts would be sent out around June and to stay in touch. Lonjina certainly did that.

"I was calling every three, four weeks and starting in the end of July, they stopped answering the phone," said Lonjina. "That's when I got online with 7 On Your Side. I did it on the internet."

And 7 On Your Side went to work. Shortly thereafter, the Treats had a check for the entire cost of the tree -- $248.96.

If you think 7 On Your Side can do some good for you, let them know. You can contact them at the link below.

LINK: Contact 7 On Your Side

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