Three easy and glamorous holiday up-do's

These are easy non-precise Up-do's, they do not have to be perfect.

Products for any Up-Do: Be sure to make Up-Do's on 2nd Day Hair, use plenty of any Hairspray, as well Dirty Hair by Jonathan, Dry Shampoo and plenty of bobby pins!

For Long Hair With Volume:

Products: Clear Rubber Bands, Hairspray, Booby Pins.

On Dry Hair: first use hairspray to add texture. Make a loose pony tail divide hair into two. Pull to divide pieces through the first pony tail. Divide again in half. Braid each half loosely, use bobby pins to place in the desired area.

For Naturally Curly Hair:

Products: Curious Curl, Hairspray, Bobby Pins.

Use Curious Curl for curly hair, work the Curious Curl into your hair in small sections all through your hair twirling the hair as your go. Add volume using hairspray unevenly. Twist the hair and pin the hair in desired area.

For Long Straight Thin Hair:

Products: Clear Rubber Bands, Smoothing Cream, Curling iron, Bobby Pins

Use a curling iron on small sections all over around the head. Section a side part behind the ears. Make a side pony tail with the back section. Cover the rubber band with a small section of hair. Re-curl front sections in front of the ears and with bobby pins make loose curls and pin up.

Things to Remember When You're Considering an Up-Do:

  • The biggest mistake is assuming we have to an updo on clean hair

  • The best thing to do is leave it second day hair. If not you can put hairspray, dry shampoos, a lot of waxes to help dirty up the hair and rough it up a little bit

  • To briad your hair upward all you need is a hair brush, 3 hair ties, 3 bobby pins, 3 hair pins and some hairspray.

  • Use clear rubber bands when ponytailing your hair because then you can't see them.

  • For already curly hair, you need curl conscious cream. Use a small amount in our hand. Rub it through your hands and put it in the hair when its wet. Take small sections and with your finger just kind of twirl the hair in your finger and let it go. And take bigger pieces as you go throughout the whole entire head.

  • For curly hair, just use your natural wave without a curling iron or anything, no hot rollers, you can just dry your hair with a good curling cream and just pin it up and that's it.

  • For fine hair, products we're going to be using today are a nice smoothing balm, it has a little bit of tech to it, a hair spray medium hold works best, a large clip, two large bobby pins, a hand full of small little ones, mason brush and then a one inch barrel. If you don't have a mason brush go ahead and use any type of hair brush, it will work.
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