Local man gains popularity with FarmVille theme song


Bay Area musician-composer Steve Kirk wrote the theme song for FarmVille -- the game where you plant and sell crops.

Kirk was finishing up music for "The Princess and the Frog" game when he caught a call from the FarmVille creators.

"I was able to turn that around in about a day," says Kirk.

It is the theme heard every day by more than 26 million people and counting. He wanted something rustic, but not too country.

"Kind of country swing, but more like pre-rock and roll pop music," says Kirk.

He played all the parts at the computer, starting with the piano. You could call it "smooth country."

Kirk describes it as "Country without too much straw hats or, you know, whatever."

The game's success has been phenomenal. Kirk says it caught everyone by surprise. Now, there are more than 50 cover versions on YouTube.

Kirk has been playing guitar for 44 years in bands like the Clubfoot Orchestra, teaching at the Blue Bear School of Music in Fort Mason, and at home. Until now, he had been one of those well known struggling musicians, but times are changing. His passion and creativity are getting recognition.

"It's not something you can stop," says Kirk.

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