Hundreds of red light violations in San Rafael


The tally is from the city's Red Light Photo Enforcement program, now in its second month.

The program started Nov. 1 at Third and Irwin streets, the first of several proposed enforcement areas, police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher said.

In the first 30 days, the two cameras at the intersection were activated 752 times, Rohrbacher said. Police issued 516 violation notices.

Other intersections under consideration for the camera enforcement operation are westbound Third Street at A Street and southbound Hetherton Street at Fifth Avenue, Rohrbacher said.

Fines for red light violations cost $462 or more, depending on fees and the driver's record, Rohrbacher said.

Motorists are forgiven red-light violations under some circumstances, including times when they must get out of the way of emergency vehicles, Rohrbacher said.

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