Officer-involved shooting in Vallejo


Police are releasing very few details about what happened, but they have said a man was airlifted to John Muir Medical Center Wednesday afternoon. The Vallejo Fire Department says the 37-year-old man was treated for a gunshot wound to the torso.

Witnesses say they heard nearly half a dozen shots. According to one witness, the man pulled out a gun near a liquor store about two blocks from the scene of the shooting. As the suspect was walking towards a house where he was staying, police arrived.

Two officers approached the suspect and told the man to stop. The witness says the man put his hands up but then tried to run away. Police then opened fire.

"Ad they hopped out the car with their guns already drawn and they said, 'Get on the ground before we shoot you,' so the he raised his hands up and he turned and then he tried to run and they opened fire on him," Leon Sanders said.

Authorities were focused on a red PT Cruiser that was parked nearby; it is unclear what the car's significance is, but earlier Wednesday evening the car was towed away.

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