Unique video resume service for the unemployed

January 5, 2010 7:13:51 PM PST
A Silicon Valley woman who was unemployed herself has created her own job and business trying to help other people secure employment.

Kymberli Brady lost her marketing job in September and found her entrepreneurial spirit.

"I can't find a job so I have to make one," she said.

She partnered with Dan Powers to create a video resume service. The unique hook is that the company, www.sanjosestock.com will produce a one to two-minute video and if the jobless client can't pay the $100 fee, they can pay later.

"We're providing video resume and if you can't afford it, then pay when you get a job and it's the best of both worlds in that respect," Powers said.

The start-up with a heart is already getting support. The San Jose Executive Center is donating office space for three days of resume videotaping next week.

"The opportunity to give back to those who are struggling was a good incentive," Logan Howard from the San Jose Executive Center said.

With more than 100,000 people out of work in Santa Clara County, a video resume can be an effective tool.

Design Reactor is a digital marketing company in Campbell that's flooded with paper resumes so the occasional video resume stands out.

"The first one we got took us by surprise and raised some eyebrows around here," Design Reactor Creative Director Jim Vandegrift said.

Jennifer Davis will tape her resume on Monday -- a summary of her experience, skills and what she has to offer a potential employer.

"I'm trying to think outside the box and that's where the video resume is going to put me out there separately," she said.

Brady hopes the pilot Pay it Later program helps the jobless find work and their business find success.

"Right now, it's paying our emotional and spiritual mortgage and hopefully it will soon pay our other mortgage as well," she said.