Crews in Pacifica prepare for storm

January 9, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Crews hired to save a cliff in Pacifica are gearing up for a storm that's expected to bring big waves on Monday.

They added some larger boulders today beneath the evacuated apartment building at 330 Esplanade Avenue.

In the meantime, a couple that lives next door to the evacuated building moved out, even though their building is not being evacuated, or considered to be in danger.

"It's the nicest apartment I've ever lived in and it's definitely mixed feelings about leaving so it's a sad day, but it's time to go," Anatol Kreitzer said.

Crews have placed about 2,500 tons of boulders at the base of the cliff to help prevent more erosion since 330 Esplanade was evacuated on Dec. 17.