New hair treatments and products for 2010

January 14, 2010 10:52:29 AM PST
New hair treatments and products for 2010. Audrey shows us what's new on the market and what's worth spending your hard earned money on!

Salons featured:

Brazilian Keratin Straightening:

55 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108
Stylist: Kellie Little

About ZINDAGI Salon:

Founder, Owner and Stylist Kellie Little has recently created an exciting new partnership with top-notch stylists Teresa Mockler and Erik Webb at Zindagi Salon just off Union Square.

Together, they are creating a professional yet relaxing environment for their clients and staff. "Our clients appreciate excellent customer service and we provide the latest styles and techniques in hair and fashion". One visit to Zindagi Salon and you'll see why it is one of the most popular salons in San Francisco. "Style without intimidation, individual care and client satisfaction!"

Services offered: Brazilian Keratin Smoothing and Straightening Treatments, Thermal Reconditioning, Haircuts, Color, Highlighting, Balayage, Perms and Styling. Prices vary, please call for a complimentary consultation.

Coloring Treatments Express Effects and Pleating:

Secret Agent Salon
630 Bush street
San Francisco,CA 94108
Stylist: Melissa Wagner

About Secret Agent Salon:

"Express Effects" entails a few foils placed strategically to accent a haircut and a tone-on-tone glaze applied to the remaining hair. It brightens hairlines and banishes roots in one fast 1/2 hour appointment. (plus blow dry time) Price: $115 and up

"Pleating" gives an otherwise boring brunette a little kick by placing thin slices of a darker shade behind the hairline and anywhere depth is needed. This restores graininess and continuity to the finish. Think of a peice of zebra or cherry wood.

The colors are close but play off each other in the light. A chocolate brown becomes much more vibrant with hints of deep eggplant keeping things cool. A chestnut brown stays lit-up with subtle pieces of amber. About1 hour salon time. Price: Brown tint with 12 foils $125.

Items featured:

$29.95 (plus s&h)

Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean presents WEN®, an industry-changing product line that is the first ever to exclude ordinary shampoo. What sets WEN® apart from the rest is its cleansing conditioner, a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair simultaneously.

The cleansers are made with natural ingredients, and contain no sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents found in shampoos. They don't lather; rather, they create smooth foam when mixed with water. So dedicated is Dean to the belief that shampoo can be harmful to hair that he has not used ordinary shampoo on himself or his clients in 14 years. Though it's a tough sell the first time he tells a client he will clean his or her hair with conditioner, Dean says they quickly understand.

"Everyone thought I was having an early midlife crisis when I stopped using regular shampoo," he says with a laugh. "But it's funny, the most reluctant clients become the most loyal and dedicated." The concept of not using regular shampoo is something Dean began to implement in 1993, he explains. "I have been a hairstylist/colorist since 1985 and began to develop products for other hair companies in 1986. Seeing the results of clients using shampoo, I knew something had to change."

At that point, Dean started to explore his concept of cleansing without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals. Instead, he began cleansing with astringent and antibacterial properties that don't lather or strip the hair, and the result was added sheen, luster, moisture and strength in the hair. "Color lasts much longer, and it stimulates the scalp, promoting blood circulation and healthy hair growth." The WEN® system officially launched in November 2001 after five years of work and testing.

"First I tested it on myself, then on the stylists, then on clients," he says. "I wanted to perfect it." And how did the name "WEN" come about? "In addition to it sounding like 'Zen,' the system is a completely reverse way of looking at cleansing the hair," he says. Thus, "WEN" is "NEW" spelled backwards.

Some of the products available:

  • WEN® Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN® Styling Crème
  • WEN® Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask
  • WEN® Texture Balm
To cleanse your hair with WEN® Cleansing Conditioner:
  1. Rinse hair thoroughly and completely for 1-2 minutes.

  2. Dispense the proper amount of Cleansing Conditioner into your hands & rub together.

    Short hair or fine to medium textured hair:
    Use a minimum of 8 pumps to the crown section, 8 pumps to the nape section and 8 pumps on the right and left ends of the hair (total 16-24 pumps depending on length).

    Medium length hair or medium to thick textured hair:
    Use a minimum of 8 pumps to the crown section, 8 pumps to the nape section, 8 pumps on the right ends and 8 pumps on the left ends of the hair (total 24-32 pumps depending on length).

    Very long hair or very thick/coarse hair:
    Use a minimum of 8 pumps to the crown section, 8 pumps to the nape section, 8 pumps on the right ends, 8 pumps on the left ends, and 8 pumps on the back ends of the hair (total 32-40 pumps depending on length).

  3. Work product into the hair starting at the crown and working towards the ends, massaging vigorously. Apply a splash of water to help distribute the product evenly.

  4. Really work the Cleansing Conditioner into your hair by pushing it into the hair shaft with your fingers. Remember it won't lather, but it should feel thick rich and creamy.

  5. Comb the product thru your hair with the Wide Tooth Shower Comb.

  6. Leave in for a minimum of 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly and completely. Your Cleansing Conditioner should be the first thing on and the last thing off in your shower routine.
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VO5 Hot Oil Treatment
Sold at most drug stores and supermarkets nationwide

Give your hair the extra moisturizing it needs to combat daily wear and tear from heat styling, sun, and other forces that damage to keep hair looking strong, healthy, and vitally alive

Spray Dirt and Dirt Texturizing Paste
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