"Biggest Loser" trainer's fitness secrets

January 14, 2010 2:23:20 PM PST
New Year's fitness made easy! A fitness trainer from "The Biggest Loser" shares some secrets to making your weight loss and exercise resolutions stick.

Shianne Lombard's fitness tips:

  • Try something completely different than you have done in the past:

    Basics: kick boxing, pilates, yoga, spinning, salsa or hip hop dancing.
    Advanced: trx suspension training, indoor rock climbing, trapeze or arial work.

  • Set a date for an event such as a 5k run/walk, a mini-triathalon:

    So you have something to focus on instead of just saying "i wanna lose weight". Then you will also have an amazing sense of accomplishment!-make the city your gym!!! use the amazing outdoor activities the city has to offer, bike or hike mt. tam, tiburon and take the ferry back etc!

  • Have a specefic measurable goal: focus on inches:
    body fat or the way your clothes fit, not just the scale. get friends, family, and coworkers involved so they can motivate and keep you accountable.

  • Start a hobby:
    Salsa dancing, tennis, raquetball, social sport teams, surfing, sailing.

  • Be more active:
    Bike to work, take stairs at work, sit on ball at desk instead of chair.

  • Plan group activities:
    Plan one physical activity to complete as a group with your family or friends.

  • Invest in your health:
    Have a personal trainer educate you on what exercises, machines, reps, sets and weight is right for you! then you will always know moving forward and not feel intimidated going to the gym.
Exercises (working multiple areas):
  1. Stability Ball Wall Squat: works the quads, hamstrings and glutes with a possible added overhead press

  2. Around the World Squat - holding the stability ball- works quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, core (can be demonstrated with host)

  3. Standing Stability Row: works the Back, biceps, core, and legs

  4. Atomic Push Up on the ball with knees: works the chest, triceps, shoulders, and core
About Shianne Lombard:

She has been a Personal Trainer and Life Coach for over 10 years. She was the Personal Trainer for Amy Hildreth (Maryland) from Season 3 of NBC's "THE BIGGEST LOSER" who lost 107lbs.She was the Personal Trainer/ Life Coach for DR. PHIL'S WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE BRIDAL EDITION. She was voted Top Personal Trainer (Baltimore Magazine - 2008).