Girls basketball team holds bake sale for Haiti

January 15, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Of course, you do not have to make such a big gesture to make a difference. Some young basketball players from Marin County are doing their part for the Haiti relief efforts.

For the 11-year-old girls from Mill Valley, this is their way of helping the people of Haiti.

"We kind of live next to the fault line too, but it probably wouldn't do as much damage to us, so it made us feel like we're lucky, luckier than them, so it would probably be better if we helped," said Marley Townsend.

These basketball players from the Mt. Carmel Catholic Youth Organization plan to sell their baked goods on Saturday. All of the money will go to earthquake relief. Parents did not hesitate to help their kids carry out their vision.

"It's easy for adults to click on a tab from an email or whatever and donate money and a lot of people do, but it's nice for kids to get into the habit of grassroots efforts and know they can do something," said parent Leigh Ann Townsend.

Members of the Novato Haitian Seventh day Adventist Church are grateful for the outpouring of goodwill. Many have relatives who've lost everything.

"It will really help the people down there. It's a good thing. We thank them from the bottom of our heart," said Wilkens Phillipe, a church member.

Members get together for Saturday service but since the earthquake, they have been meeting more frequently. They say they are finding strength in prayer.

Linda Felix's prayers were answered on Friday when she finally heard from her sister who called to say she is okay.

"I was happy. Trust me, I was happy. And I cooked today. I couldn't for two days. You see I cooked today for everybody," said Felix.

Several members of the church will head to Haiti later this month. They plan to spend a few weeks there to help the people of their homeland recover and rebuild.