New San Jose indoor football team holds tryouts

January 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Arena football and the Saber Cats are both gone, but if you miss indoor football, there is a new team in the Bay Area -- the San Jose Wolves.

"This is a tryout, not everybody can make it, not everyone is going to make it to that second group," a said coach.

It looked like the NFL combine at San Jose City College as the new San Jose Wolves of the American Indoor Football Association held tryouts.

"We're mandated by the league to sign nine local players and take them to camp with us, we have a 40 person roster going into camp and we are seeing players that we believe are really talented guys," said San Jose Wolves owner Ryan Petersen.

The Wolves will join the 14-team league for its fourth season, playing 14 games at the Cow Palace and Oracle Arena. Players will make $200 a game with a $50 bonus for wins.

"We found some pretty good talent here, guys understand what arena football has meant to this area and they want to come out and compete and try to win a championship and that's what we're going to do this year," said San Jose Wolves head coach Bennie King.

For those athletes who are still chasing the dream of playing professionally, this could be their ticket.

"Got drafted by Pittsburgh and things didn't work out, but I'm still trying. This is another opportunity to play football and showcase your talents," said Omar Jacobs, a former Bowling Green quarterback.

Of the 150 players that tried out, Kyle O'Donnell was one of the nine players to make the final cut, in this highly competitive atmosphere.

"It's actually really strong. Everyone had some heated battles today. It's all fun and exciting, but it's also really competitive," said O'Donnell, a former Mendicino College wide receiver.

The season runs from March thru June, using the same rules as arena football, minus the rebound nets in the end zone.

"We have our own identity, but we will not disappoint fans that are used to seeing great arena football," said King.