Repair crews are busy with storm damage

January 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Crews all over the Bay Area are busy fixing everything from downed power lines to leaky roofs. There has been no time to rest, and they will not get any anytime soon, with more bad weather coming.

PG&E crews have been going from one trouble spot to the next and workers in Marin County say they have been working around the clock.

"We've been working since about 4 o'clock yesterday," says PG&E worker Jimmy Herrera.

The people in one San Anselmo neighborhood say they lost power mid-afternoon on Tuesdsay, around the same time they started hearing thunder.

That is when Alice Lee and Sandy Armstrong say their frightened dog Kili bolted from their yard. Luckily, they found her few hours later, but the pair had been dealing with another headache this evening -- trying quickly to find a generator to keep their sump pump operating. They rely on it to keep their backyard from flooding.

"When I came home with no electricity, everything floods. It goes this direction, so this area floods and that area floods. We got it in time," says Sandy.

Just a few blocks away, crews were called to clear two trees that toppled over power lines. Workers believe it was the wind.

"If it was just one, it could have just been from just a rotten spot, or a dead tree or a tree that has decayed. But when you see a few in an area that could be an indication it was the wind," says David Beagle from the Davey Tree company.

For roofing crews, things have been just as busy. Wedge Roofing of Petaluma have been getting dozens of calls. At a Novato office building, crews determined the leak in the hallway was coming from openings in the outside wall above.

"Most people think that roofing leaks are caused from holes in the roof, but in actuality water is slippery so it can get just about anywhere," says Trevor Wedge from Wedge Roofing.

And crews know the calls will keep coming in as the stormy weather continues.