Creek overflow floods Peninsula businesses

January 20, 2010 6:52:41 PM PST
On the Peninsula, creeks contributed to most of the damage from Wednesday's storm.

A creek which separates San Carlos and Belmont began rising quickly and eventually its waters flooded some businesses on Old County Road.

"It rushed down the entire Old County Road like a river; all the water came pouring towards us. All three of our businesses are flooded in about six inches from front to back," said employee Gabriella Estrella.

Inside the Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy, workers tried to scoop the water out. The damage was extensive. Outside in the parking lot, the mud was several inches deep.

"There is only so much you can do to prepare for it. You bring sandbags, you try to keep the mud out of the way," said Mike Drenniany of Twin Dragon Kung Fu. "But unfortunately no matter what, especially when it rains as hard as it did, the water comes in and you get flooded."

A few blocks away in Belmont, a section of Harbor Boulevard near the Caltrain tracks was completely flooded. However, rail service was not affected.

The Cordilleras Creek in Redwood City also crested, flooding the parking lot of Redwood High School. Sandbags were placed in front of the classroom doors. Still, some water managed to get in.

"[We] evacuated the school with support from the school district and we canceled classes in the afternoon," said Marshall Burgamy with the Sequoia High School District.

Once the heavy rain stopped, there was cleanup throughout the Peninsula. On a small section of El Camino, where there is construction going on, a one-man crew was brought in to pump out the water and protect the businesses across the street.