Concern over falling trees in Oakland Hills

January 20, 2010 3:40:09 PM PST
In the East Bay, nervous homeowners are concerned that trees may fall on their homes in the Oakland Hills because the ground is so saturated. It's so bad, there's a waiting list for some people to have their trees removed.

The root of the problem in the Oakland Hills Wednesday morning was obvious; big trees coming down in the direction of homes.

"I was very surprised, shocked. What more can I say, it's always been there a long time," said Oakland resident Matt Gochman.

So Matt went next door to the folks on whose property the tree has been all those years to talk about removal. Matt received advice to stay out of his house from Oakland city officials.

There are so many trees down in the Oakland Hills that tree removal services are forced to prioritize their work. One tree got priority because it was blocking the intersection at Skyline and Snake. The weather caused ferries not to leave from the terminal at Jack London Square.

Not far away, umbrellas were everywhere, but sometimes, were just not up to the task of rain protection and dealing with the howling winds.