U.S. lawmakers call for quick action in crib recall

January 21, 2010 5:42:35 PM PST
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday called for swifter action to make baby cribs safer, saying not enough has been done to prevent infants from being hurt or killed.

This involves mainly cribs with drop-down sides. Grieving parents showed up at the congressional hearing in support of tougher measures.

These parents put an agonizing face on a huge problem. Nearly seven million cribs were recalled in the past five years, mainly because the sides can become loose and babies get trapped.

At Thursday's congressional hearing, the parents of little Bobby Cirigliano clutched the photo of their son. He died when he became trapped in his crib and suffocated.

"With his face pressed against the mattress, he suffocated. Bobby was taken from his crib, put into an ambulance, arrived at the hospital, and never came home," said Susan Cirigliano, Bobby's mother.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission told Congress it will ban drop side cribs by the end of this year. Regulators also said they are developing tougher standards to prevent design flaws and manufacturing defects in the future.