Keep your New Year's resolutions

January 21, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Keep your New Year's resolutions!? Avoid forgetting, regretting, or simply abandoning your resolutions with five easy steps. Stephanie Walton and Lauren Schiller, the co-hosts of Lady Brian Radio, share their advice to help you stay on track.

How to keep your Resolution: There's no Resolution police! Nobody will come along to punish you for not keeping your plan. But if you made one-you can create your own system of enforcement with 5 easy steps, according to

1. Tell the world-at least, tell your girlfriends

2. Make a plan-write it down, create a mantra

3. Make short-term, specific goals

4. Try and try again: Notice when you are not living up to your new goal-and give yourself permission to try again. Every day if you need to.

5. Figure out what the barriers are. For example, if you want to lose weight but going to a gym makes you uncomfortable, try walking in your neighborhood, or an all women's gym, etc.

This is the Danger Zone! 3 weeks in to the New Year is a critical point when people start forgetting, regretting, or simply abandoning their Resolutions. Will you be one of the majority who give up or one of the mighty few who stick with what you've decided to do?

Why people don't keep their Resolutions:

-Too big a task

-Too big a life change

- Don't have the tools/support system in place

- Too vague (lose weight (vs lose 3 lbs), spend less money (vs eat out less), get a better job (vs get a job doing "x")

It's never too late to make a change: If you find it too daunting or simply not achievable, it's never too late to tweak your Resolution (or come up with one if you haven't already)-you can still figure out how to make it do-able and, importantly, enjoyable. The new year is all about a clean slate.

If you're still pondering a Resolution, try one of these approaches:

-Choose a type of Resolution:

-Emotional (be more patient)

-Physical (lose weight)

-Philosophical (volunteer more)

-Actual (finish your thesis)

Your Resolution doesn't need to be about yourself-you many not need a lick of self-improvement-but you can think about how you might improve someone else's life.

Resolutions factoids:

According to here are some popular Resolutions out in the US:

1. Lose Weight
2. Manage Debt
3. Save Money
4. Get a Better Job
5. Get Fit
6. Get a Better Education
7. Drink Less Alcohol and Quit Smoking
8. Reduce Stress Overall and Reduce Stress at Work
9. Take a Trip
10. Volunteer to Help Others

-Research conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman, (author of Quirkology, The Curious Science of Everyday Lives) in the UK with over 3000 participants showed that at the outset, while 52% of participants were confident of success with Resolutions, one year later, only 12% actually achieved their goal.

They also learned that men and women have different paths to success. Women in the study did best when they shared their plans with their friends and didn't give up when they had a setback. Men did best with goal setting or focusing on the rewards of achieving their goal.

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