Car repair scammer gets out of the business

January 25, 2010 5:13:00 PM PST
A Midas repair center franchisee has settled bait and switch charges by paying a lot of money and leaving the car repair business.

It started with complaints about a bait and switch. An undercover investigation by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair found franchisee Maurice Irving Glad advertised $79 to $99 brake specials, but consumers would be charged another $110 to $130 for repairs.

Bureau spokesperson Russ Heimrich says undercover officers were charged for work that was not needed.

"They might tell us our struts were blown or our rotors needed remachining or something like that when they didn't really need it," he said.

Glad is getting out of the car repair business in California; Midas has agreed to take over the shops.

This was not Glad's first run in with the authorities; Attorney General Jerry Brown says he ran a bait and switch scam for years.