Rally held for undocumented workers in San Jose

January 30, 2010 6:23:33 PM PST
Family members supporting undocumented workers rallied Saturday with the support of Silicon Valley leaders. They carried signs at a rally in San Jose declaring things like, "We came here to contribute," and "No human is illegal."

Immigrants have been complaining about a federal crackdown over the past several years. They say it is tearing families apart.

South Bay Congressman Mike Honda joined the rally Saturday, acknowledging the need for immigration reform, even amid other pressing issues that republicans say should have priority.

"The President's faced with a lot of stuff and we're going to make this happen. We're going to help him make it happen because it's about us and our families," he said.

"If the democrats take this issue on, as divisive as it is, and health care, and the deficit, and cap-and-trade, I think they're asking for a whole bunch. And, I think it will backfire on them in the fall," said republican Tom Del Beccaro.

But, those at Saturday's rally pointed to a new poll from America's Choice, showing two-thirds of the Americans support immigration reform.