Recent crashes prompt more concerns for Toyota

February 2, 2010 6:04:57 PM PST
Some Toyota car owners have expressed fear about driving their cars while waiting for repairs and now there may be cause for even more concern.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a driver was pulling into a parking spot with the brake depressed, but he says his recalled Toyota Camry kept going. The car went over an embankment seriously injuring the driver.

In a police report, officers say the front wheels dug into the snow bank as if the accelerator was stuck. A witness also told police she could hear the engine accelerating just before it went over.

Michael Helm ran over and saw the car upside down.

"That's exactly where it slipped. You can see the marks on the curb," he said.

In Dallas, a recalled 2005 Toyota Avalon crashed through the front of a deli. The driver was parking the car when she says the vehicle just took off.

"The motor was running at full blast. She had pressed the brake so hard, that the brake, it was smoking," said the victim's husband Don Campbell.

A Toyota representative inspected the Avalon and in a letter to the family said there was no evidence of a design defect. The Campbells disagree and say they will not be driving their Avalon again.