Taking care of yourself when pregnant

February 5, 2010 4:20:57 PM PST
Simple tips for taking care of yourself before, during and after pregnancy!

Stacey's tips for pregnancy and beyond

When mother is relaxed, baby is relaxed, so try these things at home and be sure to get your partner involved:

  • Put golf balls in a pale of warm water and roll your feet on top of them for a nice foot message.

  • Roll tennis balls on your lower back to help relieve back pain.

  • Start moisturizing your belly, sides and back as soon as possible to help prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are not completely avoidable, but you can certainly minimize how badly you get them by moisturizing.

  • It's never too late to start exercising. One of the biggest myths has to do with exercise - you shouldn't start exercising if you weren't exercising before pregnant, which is not true. It's the best time to start fitness if you can, it's just about listening to your body. Fitness classes can help during each step of pregnancy. It also can be very beneficial to pre eminent labor and the birth process. Both fitness and spa treatments help in preparing your body for the birth of your child. It also helps get your body ready for after baby. You have a lot of extra weight after birth and you're using a lot of muscles that you weren't using before by holding baby, car seats, extra bags, and strollers.

  • Set up a skin care regimen that is easy for you to follow. Your skin is going through a lot of changes during pregnancy just as your body is, so set up a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing system. There are a million products out there just find something that works for you.

  • Nutrition is very important, start looking at ways that you can change your habits; weather you want to try making foods or shopping organically, just find the easiest ways to do that during pregnancy so you can maintain it after the baby comes.

  • Pick one day to go grocery shopping, say that because we always miss the boat and so all week long we're struggling. Try to plan your meals out for the week ahead of time so you shop for everything at once.

  • You spend most of your life taking care of your children, so make sure to take time out for yourself. Massages, mani/pedi, exercise, find a hobby, etc.

  • BabyMoon vacations are a great way to spend quality time with your partner before the baby comes.

  • Prenatal massages are nice for expecting mothers because they focus on her body's needs. During the first trimester it can help with any nausea by relaxing her and connecting her with baby. The second trimester really focus on the back area and swelling in hands and feet. The third trimester focuses on the lower back and shoulders.
About Barefoot & Pregnant's Maternity Spa Services:
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About Circe Sher:
She is the public relations director for the Piazza Hotel Group and Hotel Healdsburg, oversees the development of the spa component in Piazza's projects and the operations of the Spa Hotel Healdsburg. She is also a partner, marketing director and on the development team for h2hotel, Hotel Healdsburg's sister "inn," opening May 2010. Ms. Sher worked as the communications manager for Swiss publisher Ringer AG in Asia and for Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco in the Mayor's Office of Protocol. She has also held a number of marketing and PR positions in the retail and non-profit sectors. Ms. Sher currently serves on the board of the Healdsburg Jazz Festival and is a founding committee member of the Healdsburg Wild Steelhead Festival. She was also one of the founders and the first co-chair of the Healdsburg Lodging Coalition.

About Stacey Denney:
After spending more than 15 years in marketing, Stacy Denney conceived the idea for Barefoot & Pregnant - the first and most respected maternity spa program in the U.S. - as a result of her personal involvement in the pregnancy and birth experiences of close friends and family. Since then, Stacy has been able to enjoy the benefits of her dream first hand, as she and her husband Brad welcomed their son Maxwell in 2004 and their son Ryan in 2006. Serving the Bay Area since 2003, Barefoot & Pregnant offers everything from babymoon packages and world-class spa services to online social networking http://www.barefootandpregnant.com, information and tools.