Avatar enthusiasts learn the Na'vi language

Some Avatar enthusiasts cannot get enough of the movie and have taken to learning the language spoken on Pandora. (AP)

February 8, 2010 7:59:29 PM PST
Now to the most popular movie ever, Avatar, is still drawing crowds seven weeks after it came out and many fans cannot get enough.

Nari means eye in Na'vi -- the language on the planet Pandora.

It was created by a linguist at USC and consists of about 600 words and 750,000 fans want to learn it firsthand -- so they logged on to LearnNavi.org.

That website was created by Sebastian Wolff, a student at U.C. Santa Cruz. He has seen avatar seven times and wanted an out outlet for his passion and clearly has one that is popular.

20th Century Fox, the film's distributor, linked to Wolff's webpage and earlier it temporarily crashed the site.