Picking the best bare root plants

February 22, 2010 6:11:58 PM PST
Bare root planting! From apples to blueberries and ornamental trees, now's the time to plant. Learn how to pick a healthy plant that will deliver great fruit and flowers.

From applesto blueberries, strawberries and ornamental trees and roses now is the time to get those bare root plants into the ground.


Bare Root Roses
Why do we plant Bare Root?

An easy and economical way to add to your garden is to plant during the dormant season when many plants are available as 'Bare Root' This is just as it sounds, plants with no dirt surrounding the roots. This time honored method allows the gardener to choose, usually, from a greater variety of plants, is enabled to inspect the root system and finally save a few dollars. We usually see fruit trees, small fruits and vegetables and roses available in bare root.

Planting is much the same as planting from a container:

  • Enrich the soil with a good planting mix and add Sure Start fertilizer to give the new addition a boost. This is the most important step, because after all, it's all about the soil.

  • Do not plant too deeply, just to where the top of the ROOTS are. This is very important with any planting.

  • Finally, water the plant thoroughly, if it sinks down, pull it back up to the proper planting depth and water again.
This plant will depend on YOU for its water until it is established and beyond, perhaps several years. Soak it at least 4 X per week, more when the weather turns warm. Fertilize and water on a regular basis will bring you great satisfaction with your new garden addition.

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