Behind the scenes of SF's Peter pan show

About Peter Pan:

On April 27, a spectacular new stage production of J.M. Barrie's universally beloved story, Peter Pan, will make its U.S. premiere in a state-of-the-art 1350-seat theater pavilion erected in Ferry Park on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

This Peter Pan theatrical adventure features 22 actors, ingenious puppets, dazzling flying sequences, a magnificent musical score, and the world's first 360-degree CGI (computer-generated imagery) theater set.

Theatergoers will be surrounded by over 15,000 square feet of Hi Resolution video immersing all in a stunning CGI Neverland. When Peter and Wendy fly off, the audience flies with them over 400 square miles of London and beyond.

Peter Pan in The threesixty° Theater opposite the Ferry Building will be an iconic destination on San Francisco's historic waterfront and welcome addition to the city's vital, burgeoning area where Market Street meets the Bay.

A magical park-like setting will surround the theatre inviting patrons to enhance their entertainment experience and begin the journey before the performance commences with refreshments available on-site, a behind-the-scenes "Into Neverland" tour and a free "100 Years of Peter Pan" exhibit.

The brainchild of threesixty° entertainment, a London-based theatrical production company led by producers Charlie Burnell and Matthew Churchill, this re-imagining of Peter Pan made its world premiere last summer in London's Kensington Gardens, where J.M. Barrie was inspired to write the story.

The U.S. premiere set for San Francisco comes direct from London where it captivated audiences and was listed as one of the London Observer's "Hot 10 Must Do" events for 2009. The Daily Express called the show "an immensely thrilling ride. A gem to be enjoyed whether you are 8, 18 or 80."

"Following the success we enjoyed in London, we were looking for the right place to premiere Peter Pan in the U.S. and San Francisco is a perfect fit," explain Burnell and Churchill. "San Francisco has demonstrated that it is a great city to launch new and distinctive theatre projects. This production is faithful to Barrie's original story, yet reconceived with cutting edge technology to enthrall a 21st Century audience."

About Nathan Fallows:

Nathan was trained at the Birmingham School of Acting. The lead role of Peter Pan in San Francisco is his first big break. You can find out more information at

About the Tent & Special Effects:

Designed especially for last summer's Kensington Gardens world premiere, The threesixty° Theater pavilion is a double-domed structure completely supported from above on giant girders.

Light-tight and climate controlled with comfy theater-style seats, it has an internal construction that is completely hollow, designed so that when the actors fly around they won't run into poles or other obstructions. It also makes for excellent sight lines for the audience as well. This remarkable and beautiful pavilion stands 100 feet high and is largest touring theater structure in the world.

World's First Fully 360-Degree Projected Movie For Live Theater:

It is also the largest surround CGI venue in the world featuring the world's first fully 360-degree projected movie for live theatre performance. However, that was not initially the producer's intent as Set, Costume and Video Designer Bill Dudley explains.

"When I first saw the plans for the tent with none of the obstructive pillars and rope and ladders that you normally associate with a circus tent, I said to the producers 'you've managed to create a fantastic 360-degree film screen if you want to use it.' Not wanting technology to overshadow the story, they said 'Can we get back to you on that?'"

Burnell and Churchill had agreed during their early brainstorming that the new production should be very visual, back to the original story yet progressive in a way to engage all ages. So It didn't take long to go back to Dudley with an all systems go for the CGI animation.

"I was very interested in bringing what cinema now has into the theater world," Dudley admits. "The flight over London, Neverland, Captain Hook's ship at sea, it's all fantastic, created with CGI animation as you would see in a Pixar film."

The show features a Cast of 22, 3-D Animated Set, Inventive Puppets and Lush Score:

The breathtaking animated 3-D set surrounds the actors almost like an additional character in the play. It is all heightened by a lush musical score recorded by a 70-piece orchestra. There really is something for everyone. For the boys, there's Peter, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys. Girls love it because of Wendy and Tinker Bell. And they all fly and who doesn't want to do that - adults and children alike?

"Our ultimate goal was to be true to J.M. Barrie's original novel and play," insists producer Charlie Burnell "and then use everything available in the 21st century to tell the story as well as we possibly could. We hope people will come hours before, enjoy the village around the theater, picnic and soak up the atmosphere that is Peter Pan."

This Peter Pan Adventure Joins the Action On a Re-Energized Embarcadero in San Francisco!

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