Burn 25 to 50 percent more calories

About BOING with Kangoo:

  • Kangoo is the exercise boot with bounce. Strap on a pair of Kangoos, equipped with springs on the bottom and hop, jog, and jump your way through this low impact workout.

  • Kangoo Jumps are low impact rebounding running and sport shoes.

  • They reduce impact to your joints and spine by up to 80% (so its great for people with joint issues who normally can't do high impact and feels like you are running/working out on air).

  • You burn 25% to 50% more calories than wearing normal shoes, so they promote rapid weight loss (because of the continuous rebounding against gravity it adds extra resistance and is equal to almost twice your body weight).

  • They give you a super rush of endorphins that give you this natural high. There is no other cardio workout that is as fun as Kangoo (we call it a kangoo high - generally when people are in the shoes they have a perma-grin :)

  • They immediately increase your endurance/VO2 max and makes your heart pump more efficiently.

  • They give you an intense core workout running or walking in them and they improve your balance, coordination and posture.
These exercises can be peformed without the Kangoo boots -- The boots can increase caloric burn by 25-50%, and they reduce the impact on joints.

Kangoo Bounce: This is the basic movement - feet shoulders width apart, bending at the knee, bouncing up and down
Kangoo Knee: Bouncing with high knee lifts
Kangoo Ski: Cross country ski movement with arms simulating ski poles
Kangoo Curls: Hamstring curls, bouncing while bringing the heel towrads the butt
Kangoo Cross: Bouncing while crossing right foot over left foot

Boing with Kangoo is offered at Crunch - Polk Street on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. For more information on classes at www.crunch.com

For more information on where to purchase Kangoo Jumps exercise boots go to kangoojumps.com (basic boots start at around $230)

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