SF job fair sees drop in attendance


At a job fair in San Francisco, there were about the same number of organizations and companies hiring as in January, and about the same mix of government agencies versus private companies.

The biggest difference is there were more jobs this time.

"The companies are hiring more and it seems to be turning around the economy," job fair organizer Kathy Caricato said.

Caricato said Starbucks had 60 management jobs and Sysco Food Distribution had 49 openings ranging from management to union warehouse and driving.

"Caltrans is here. They have 133 open exams for vacancies that they have," she said.

There are more jobs offered, but ironically fewer people are looking for them.

"It's not very full of people, I mean I'm surprised with all the job unemployment rate there's no one here," Chuck Maguire from Konica Minolta said.

Maguire is a branch sales manager for Konica Minolta. He said it was busy for about an hour in the morning.

George Jarosik is a 60-year-old computer programmer and he stopped at every desk. In 30 years, he's never been unemployed.

"And I have a home payment, my wife is at home and our whole retirement is gone," he said.

He worries that most computer programmers are 30 years younger.

"But I'm not going to let that get me down. I'm going to go at it full force," he said.

On the other side of the age divide is 30-year-old Joshua Woodson, who wishes he had more job experience

"I have an associate's degree in digital media and most of my work experience is entry level sales," he said.

Woodson too hit all of the recruiters at the fair. After six months out of work, any job is attractive.

"You've got to keep on keeping on. There's nothing else you can really do," he said.

Organizers say they don't know why the number of job seeks has dropped off, but in January a similar event at the same hotel had 1,000 people. Tuesday's numbers were in the hundreds -- with more jobs offered than applicants.

The next job fair will be in Solano County on June 4.

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