Celebrating mom on Mother's Day

Make mom feel good on Mother's Day:

  1. Promote inner peace: Do something you know she would never do for herself, indulge her with a massage appt or take her on a hike to a beautiful waterfall. (Maybe she'll leave you alone about your career choice for a little while too.)

  2. Make peace/show your love: Make sure she knows how much you love her with words--write a poem, or a sweet note. Be nice to her the whole day-long. (You get to focus on the good times, instead of any recent disagreements)

  3. Have a peaceful day: Do something for her -- plant a bunch of new spring flowers, get her car detailed and then take her out to dinner and let her choose where to go. Let her choose the movie or make her lunch at your house. (She'll know how much you appreciate her with your actions)

  4. Thoughtful gifts: Get her something you know she's been wanting--load up a kindle with her favorite authors, find a long-lost edition of a book, get her the jewelry she's been wanting, get her an ipod and fill it with her favorite music (and show her how to use it in a non-condescending tone!)
The history of Mother's Day in America:

The first North American Mother's Day was conceptualized with Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation in 1870. Despite having penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic 12 years earlier, Howe had become so distraught by the death and carnage of the Civil War that, she called on Mother's to come together and protest what she saw as the futility of their Sons killing the Sons of other Mothers.

In 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed it into national observance, declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

For more information, visit www.mothersdaycentral.com

Fun Facts:
  • The National Retail Foundation predicts Mother's Day is a $14 Billion industry
  • Florists see their highest sales in May
  • U.S. restaurants claim that it is the busiest day of the year
  • Long distance telephone calls also peak on this day
  • The U.S. Postal Service experiences increased volume during the surrounding days
  • According to Hallmark, 96% of American consumers take part in shopping on Mother's Day, while retailers report it as the second highest gift giving day of the year behind Christmas

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