Insects and the world under your feet

About is celebrating more than 20 years of saving wildlife and wild places! We have promoted conservation by raising and donating $3.9 million to purchase and protect healthy terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems throughout Latin America, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa.

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About Norman Gershenz:

His organization has raised more than $3.9 million to help preserve thousands of acres of rainforest and coral reef habitat around the world.

Norm was affiliated with the San Francisco Zoo for more than 18 years as an educator, member of the animal care staff, fundraiser (he created Zoo Run), and researcher.

Norm has tracked black rhinos in Zimbabwe, chased orangutans in Borneo, and stalked the elusive platypus in Australia.

He has handled boas and bobcats, pandas and elephants, snow leopards and koalas, hippos and hornbills.

He has worked as a field biologist and naturalist in Borneo, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Panama and Namibia.

Norm is a noted gourmet insect chef and a lecturer in biology. He is an expert birder and can spot a beetle at 50 mph.

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