Simple ways to update your man's fashion

8 Simple guidelines for updating his wardrobe:

  1. 1 medium-weight navy or grey suit as a "go to" suit for important meetings, events or occasion.

  2. 1 versatile navy or neutral sportcoat that can be worn for business casual or dinner.

  3. 2 slimmer-fitting dress shirts, one striped and one solid. Plus 2 fitted casual button-downs, one simple and one with pattern.

  4. 2 pair of flat-front wool dress pants, one dark and one neutral.

  5. 1 pair of flat-front khakis.

  6. 1 pair of slimmer fitting jeans.

  7. 2 trimmer sweaters or pullovers: one medium-weight and one light-weight.

  8. 1 pair of new soft casual loafers or tie-up shoes.

Updated Looks:


OLD Look:
An overall bigger fits is the tell-tale sign of a dated suit:
  • Shoulders were more constructed, padded and wider.
  • Jacket had three buttons, wider lapels and longer length.
  • Pans were pleated, baggier, longer and made of notabley more fabric.
  • Cuffs were shallower, only about 1 ¼
  • Shoes were "chunkier" with wider lasts.
NEW Look:
The key features of a new silhouette:
  • Lapal is narrower with a higher notch.
  • Sleeves on jacket and shirt are slightly shorter.
  • Pants are flat-front, more sculpted and slightly shorter.
  • Fabrics; pure, natural nanofibers that are lighter in weight and less rigid lend themselves to more fitted garment.
  • Jacket is more fitted, with a higher 2-button stance and shorter length.
Casual Dressy

OLD Look:
  • Shirt was baggier in the body, shoulder and sleeve.
  • Pants legs were wider with three or more pleats.
  • Belt was narrower and buckles, now more often in silver, were gold.
  • Cuffs were shallower and pants were longer, breaking at the lower leg.
  • Dress shoes were often worn with a casual look.
NEW look:
  • Jacket: add a slimmer fitting sport coat for an updated casual look

  • Pants: Leg is narrower throughout and slightly shorter with no break and Flat-front is preferred, but if pleated , should have no more than two pleats.

  • Shirt fits closer to the body with narrower arms.
Weekend Casual

OLD look:

  • Torso was fuller and wider.
  • Sleeves were looser and longer with a larger shoulder.
  • Were slouchy, had 5 pockets, wider legs, longer rise and notably more fabric.
  • Length was longer with a break.
NEW look:

  • Sleeve is narrower and shorter with a more fitted shoulder.
  • Torso fits closer to the body and is less boxy.
  • Belt is wider and sleeker.
  • Taking the lead from dress pant, jeans are slimmer throughout the leg and shorter rise.
  • Shoes are more rugged looking and have a softer, comfortable look.
4 Signs of a Well-fitted Suit:
  • Shoulders -- Narrower
    Shoulders are slimmer, less padded and narrower than yesterday's wide-padded shoulder, leading to a trimmer, more streamlined and slightly shorter arm.

  • Button Stance -- 2 Buttons, Higher Stance
    Though 3-button jackets are still being made by many top designers, the evolution toward the 2-button jacket continues to take hold. And if you're butting anywhere near the belt buckle, the button stance is too low.

  • Jacket Length -- Shorter
    Gone are the days when the wide-slung jacket reached the upper and even mid-thigh. Today's jacket barely hits the top of the thigh.

  • Pants -- Slimmer
    A narrower fit without pleats or with two pleats at most, and a shorter length with no break.

The movement toward more fitted men's clothing is more than a trend. Designed to flatter all body types, the new cleaner silhouette has completely over taken the wider look of the 80's and 90's.

Clothing Featured in Segment:

Casual Look:
  • Moncler Urban Pocket Jacket - $795
  • Brunello Cucinelli Shadow Stripe Polo Shirt - $470
  • Torino Calf Skin Belt - $95
  • Brunello Cucinelli Jeans - $395
Formal Look:
  • Emerngildo Zegna Shadow Plain Wool Sportcoat - $1,995
  • Brioni Cotton Stripe Shirt - $595
  • Emerngildo Zegna Tie - $170
  • Brioni Cotton and Linen Pocket Square - $75
  • Incotex Tropical Wool Trouser - $395
Dressy Casual Look:
  • Kiton Cashmere Linen and Silk Check Sportcoat - $5,595
  • Kiton Cotton Stripe Shirt - $520
  • Emerngildo Zegna Stripe Tie - $170
  • Brunello Cucinelli Cotton and Linen Jean - $405
  • Simonnoi-Godard Cotton Linen Pocket Square - $65
Sophisticated Casual Look:
  • Belvest Linen Blend Jacket in Plum - $995
  • Wilkes Bashford Check Cotton Shirt in Cotton - $195
  • Brioni Cotton / Linen Jean - $395
  • Crocodile Belt - $485
  • G, Inglese Cotton Check Pocket Square - $60
  • Pantherella Plum Socks in Wool - $28
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