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Quick tips and products featured in the segment:

Don't Bite Me! Patch
Mosquito patches for kids that have a hard time accepting mosquito sprays and creams. Don't Bite Me's topical patch works up to 36 hours. Natural,simple and safe.
Available at Rite Aid
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Repurpose old gross grain ribbon
This is a great way to keep your pendants,rings and earrings organized. Attach your pierced earrings on the ribbon and either hang the ribbon up using a thumb tack and placing it on a cork board or drap the ribbon.

With your rings and pendants thread them threw a ribbon and tie a bow drap the ribbon or attach the ribbon to a cork borad with a thumb tack.

Keeping your jewelry organized
With some scraps of Gross Grain Tibbon, roll the ribbon and add a few stitches to hold the roll in shape. Then place your rings on the roll, using some wide left over ribbon attach your broaches to the ribbons and lay them flat in a drawer or hand them.

Gross Grain Ribbon can be found at your local craft store.

See the light lipstick
Press the button on the cap when you need a little light in your life. Great for dark theaters, restaurants or at a concert.
Price: $22
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A very unique and one-of-a-kind product - there are a ton of accessories for your cell phone - cases, accessories, et - ones that hook onto your belt, etc. but nothing that merges function and wearable fashion like Cellies.

Designed by Andrea Behar just launched Cellies, a wide mesh bracelet you slip on your wrist that holds your cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Available in several colors and embellishments, the Cellie is the perfect and stylish solution for the fashionista who wants to leave her heavy handbag at home and carry her phone around conveniently.
Price: Starts at around $10
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Winkee, Your Bosom Buddy (Fashion with a Function). Have you ever worn one of those thin jersey wrap dresses and you didn't want to wear a bulky cami or tank underneath? But without wearing a tank, it's definitely not work appropriate (aka too much cleavage).

Well, the creators of the Winkee saw this gap in the cleavage coverage market, filled until now by paper clips, self-conscious hands, and the aforementioned safety pins. The Winkee provides coverage without the bulk of a tank top. The Winkee, which very much resembles a thong, is a triangular piece of fabric that you stick on to your own bra with Winkeedots, single-use sticky circles that hold the Winkee in place.
Price: $17
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Gal Pal Lint Remover Mitts
Instantly remove lint,pet hair,fuzz,dust and more.The Gal Pal Lint Remover Mitt is pre cut to comfortably fit most hands sixes. The Mitts are less bulky than the a usual lint roller so you can tote them in your handbag easily. Price: $$8.99 per packet of 20 mitts
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Madame Paulette
Unlike conventional stain removers, Madame Paulette has taken into account the two most important factors for safe and effective stain removal.

Time: The most important! The sooner the stain can be treated properly, the safer and easier it is to remove.
Stain Identification: Every stain has a different composition. Before anything is applied, it is important to properly identify the stain.

There are three primary stain groups and each one requires a special formula:

  • Special Formula 1: Earth Based Stains: Fruit juices, teas, colas, liquors, etc.

  • Special Formula 2: Protein Based Stains: From the body and dairy products, such as blood, perspiration, milk, eggs, etc.

  • Special Formula 3: Oil Based Stains: From vegetable, mineral, or petroleum oils, such as baby oil, animal fat, salad dressing, mayonnaise, motor oil, grease, etc.
Each formula is conveniently packaged, easy to use and guarantees excellent results. Here is what you'll find in each foil-sealed packet. A waffle-pattern absorbent cloth is saturated in the same special formulas that Madame Paulette uses daily in removing stains from the world's most exclusive couture apparel.

Each formula is biodegradable and rinses out with water. A distilled water rinse, that follows the application of each special formula, flushes out any remaining stain particles. Distilled water, unlike tap water, permits the fabric to dry without a ring. Minerals and iron in tap water typically leave an unsightly yellow ring.

A fourth packet is being added to the kit containing three individual super absorbent cloths. Using this cloth under the stained area will help transfer stain matter through the fabric into the absorbent cloth. This will make the stain removal process even more effective.
Price: $13
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Dr. Stanley Jacobs Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum
Dr. Stanley Jacobs, who after a decade of travel and research, was able to decipher a 3,600 year-old Egyptian text containing the scientifically-validated secret to youthful skin. After enlisting a prominent scientist and fine-tuning the formula, "Indiana Jacobs"(Vogue Italia Dec. 2009) introduces Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid.

New research conducted by renowned facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs combines modern science with ancient wisdom to achieve clinically proven improvements in facial skin. Clinical trials proving the serum's efficacy will be presented and published this year.
Price: $120
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Wild to Mild by Colorescience
Wild to Mild Skin Bronzer is Non Surical Dermal Filler to smooth skin texture. Tantastic bronzer great for pre sun and after sun. Skin looks tanned, not burnt and the skin texture looks more refined.
Price: $45
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