Stolen arm of Lefty O'Doul mannequin returned


The arm, ripped off by two thieves three years ago, was returned to the legendary San Francisco restaurant Tuesday. It was delivered in a big box addressed from Iowa, along with snapshots of the arm's adventures across the U.S.

"I guess it was their gnome. They traveled around from place to place, placing it in different places, they brought it to Washington, D.C., took it sledding with them, all these different things," said Lefty O'Doul's manager John Fair.

The box also contained a letter, written from the arm's prospective, declaring that Des Moines, Iowa was now the arm's sister city and listing some of its adventures during its three year odyssey away from Lefty's.

The arm was successfully reattached in an operation performed by Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld and his nurse at the restaurant.

The prognosis is that the patient will fully recover and that no duct tape was used in the procedure.

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