Warning about lead in children's jewelry

Jewelry may look cute on children, but Good Housekeeping warns it could also poison your child.

"We recently came upon some jewelry that we were a bit suspicious and we decided we were going to investigate," said Miriam Arond of Good Housekeeping.

The magazine sent the jewelry to an outside lab and tested for heavy metals.

"We found a set of Disney Princess earrings and a necklace at Wal-Mart. The ruby-colored stud earrings had 47 times the amount of lead that is permissible by the government," said Arond.

The lab found the heart-shaped earrings have 7-times the amount of lead allowed and the heart-shaped necklace has 40 times the amount. A faith necklace bought at Target tested 14 times above federal limits.

Good Housekeeping strongly recommends that you not buy inexpensive jewelry for children.

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