13-year-old boy killed in Oakland shooting


A scrap of police tape is the only visible sign that Clark was murdered. Now, for the young people who live in the neighborhood it is another corner like so many others where they lost a friend.

"Jimon was a cool kid, he didn't bang, nothing; he used to go to school with his brother," Clark's friend Armani Caldwell said.

Clark would have started Skyline High School on Monday. He was a track star and a champion runner with an identical twin brother.

"He ran track in the sports festival, he beat the teachers which is something we couldn't do because he was fast," friend Jimarre Billups said.

Clark was killed just a few blocks from Frick Middle School where he graduated in June. It is a school now mourning the loss of a life taken too young.

"To see something like this happen to a young man that was so energetic, so full of energy is just heartbreaking," Frick Middle School coach Kermit Bayless said.

Police do not know the motive for the killing

"I heard about six to seven shots, I heard people screaming, making noise out here," neighbor James Jacobs said.

Clark's uncle said off-camera a friend called and needed help with gas for his car. Clark was headed to help, along with his 15-year-old brother, when the shooter fired from behind. Clark's brother was not injured but witnessed the whole thing.

"Right now we have minimal information, we do not have a motive for this crime; we're asking the public for help in this case," Oakland Police spokesperson Ofc. Jeff Thomason said.

This tragedy struck Frick Middle School just days before school starts next week.

"All my friends, they just dying left and right, I just hope to god that none of my other friends die," friend Justin Gaines said.

A group of current and former Frick students was on its way home from the funeral of another friend when they happened to walk right past the spot where Clark was killed.

"I just say it's hard times out here, I just got to watch over myself and pray to god that I can live another day every day," Gaines said.

Clark was the sixth person to be killed in Oakland in a week. There is a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case

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