Report of gun forces school lockdown in Newark


The report of a student with a gun came in around noontime as parents started arriving to pick up their sons and daughters. But the students at the continuation high school were locked up in classrooms, a computer room and the library for hours.

It was an unsettling scene for parents to watch -- their sons and daughters ordered to walk backwards, arms over their heads. Police then patted them down one at a time for guns.

Some of the students used their cell phones to call their parents or to text them, asking what was going on and to re-assure them that they were safe inside the school.

The police did an extensive search for suspects and guns. Two possible suspects were later cleared and the incident declared over.

Officers did check trash cans at a nearby bus shelter in case a gun had been dumped. No gun was ever found.

Students and parents say Bridgepoint has a strict conduct code, and like all California schools, no guns are allowed on campus.

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