Pipeline had already been identified as high risk


PG&E told state regulators three years ago a 1.5 mile section of pipe under South San Francisco posed a "high risk of failure." The utility raised gas rates in 2009 to pay for a $5 million replacement project.

"It's incumbent on PG&E and regulators to get this system back in shape so people can rest easily in their homes and not be afraid they're going to be subject to another incident," The Utility Reform Network spokesperson Mike Florio said.

South San Francisco officials also now want to know exactly where the pipelines are located.

"This system is rather old so it's concerning for sure, we'd like to get a better understanding of what's out there, what's the condition of the pipe and take corrective action, PG&E in this case, to remedy the situation," South San Francisco City Manager Barry Nagel said.

Nagel said PG&E so far will not provide the location of the aging pipe, citing security reasons.

In a statement Wednesday, PG&E said, "The South San Francisco pipe was not the segment involved in the San Bruno incident. We are committed to performing the work necessary to assure the safety of our transmission system. PG&E did identify this line section as being a high priority project. Based on an updated assessment we rescheduled the project."

The repairs of that pipeline are now scheduled to happen in 2013.

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