Crews rupture gas line at Cal State East Bay


Not much seems to be affected by this ruptured gas line. PG&E crews repaired the two inch gas line that runs through the southern edge of campus at about 10:45 a.m..

Firefighters were there in the event of a possible ignition.

The leak was reported before 8:00 Tuesday morning. Authorities say it was likely ruptured by construction crews working on the new recreation and wellness center that's scheduled to open later this fall.

The ruptured gas line is located near campus apartments. But there was no evacuation of any kind ordered. The wind blew gas fumes in the opposite direction of the dorms and campus officials say most students voluntarily left the building to attend class.

"The classrooms don't seem to the impacted at all for today, being the first day of school, since the gas is taken away with the prevailing winds away, it's taken away from the campus. Everything is basically normal for the students here," said Hayward fire department's Thor Poulsen.

"I understand from the campus authorities that they have shut gas to the campus but there have been no evacuations here on campus," said PG&E spokesperson Matt Nauman.

Hayward fire officials say they have received reports of a gas smell in surrounding neighborhoods and they were doing door checks.

All of this comes as people in the Bay Area are still on edge after what happened in San Bruno.

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