7 On Your Side helps retiree get pension


Money has always been a little tight for Lillie Wagner, but now it's even worse than before.

"Medicare cut back and they cut my checks down and so I'm desperate" she said.

Lillie knew she had a small pension coming but couldn't get her hands on the cash.

"I tried to get a hold of the people at the retirement, and there was no comment back, my letter came back to me," she said.

She worked in the Sola Optical factory for nine years. the factory was sold, then later moved on.

"So then I called Michael Finney," Lillie said.

Lillie told me her story, showed me the papers. It turns out the pension was administered by a company called Pilkington. We contact and Pilkington and they came through.

"Now my retirement, they said it may not come in the first of this month. If it doesn't I will get two checks Sept. 1," she said.

That's why we contacted Lillie again this time, to make sure she got her cash. She did, which brings us to you.

Could you have money coming from a past employer or even from a relative who has since passed away who was owed a retirement?

There is a government agency called the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the PBGC. If a company or private retirement plan goes broke, PBGC step in.

"If someone is eligible for a missing pension they usually can get it within a couple of months. There will be some procedure where you submit paperwork to prove the identity of the retiree, but it is usually only a couple of months before things are straightened out." Joe Ridout of Consumer Action said.

Now if your pension plan is still in operation or the company you worked for has been sold you will have to put it all together and track it down.

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